Bus Hire Information

To hire a bus or driver from ASCT you must first register your organisation with us. Please note that ASCT buses and drivers are primarily used to conduct ASCT services, however if there is spare capacity they can be hired out to other organisations.

All organisations wishing to hire a bus from ASCT must provide ASCT with a current “Certificate of Currency” stating that the hiring organisation has Public Liability Insurance. If you are an existing Registered Organisation please email a Certificate of Currency.

Register Your Organisation

To register your organisation with ASCT please read the ASCT General Terms & Conditions for Bus Hire document and once you are happy to agree please call the office on 8241 8000 to complete your bus hire request or click the “book a bus” link below.

Please note that until your organisation is registered with us you will be unable to hire a vehicle or driver. If you are a registered organisation and have read and agreed to our “General Terms and Conditions” proceed to “book a bus or driver” section.

Register Your Driver

Hiring groups can nominate their own driver or hire a driver from ASCT (depending on availability). If you are nominating your own driver they must have an LR Licence (or higher) plus complete a driver orientation session with one of our staff members prior to the date of hire.

To register your driver complete the ASCT Driver Registration Form & Terms & Conditions. Please note that until your nominated Driver is registered and has undergone our Driver Orientation session they will be unable to drive our vehicle.

How Much Does it Cost?

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Terms and Conditions

The ASCT General Terms & Conditions for Bus Hire should be read before requesting a bus hire.

Hire a Bus

To book a bus, please click the button below to download the form. We will contact you with the outcome of your request within 2 business days.

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