Scale of Fees/Contributions

Please refer to the corresponding map to see which zone you live in and the
zone you will be travelling to.

Cancellation Fees

Payment Method

Payment is collected in advance over the phone with the Bookings Clerk. We will accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards or a bank debit via a secure payments system which is linked directly to our bank.

We do not capture or store your card details.

For further information on ASCT privacy and data security, please refer to our Privacy Policy or call and request a copy of the full document to be sent by mail.


We issue a receipt upon request. A copy of the receipt which we receive from our bank can be sent via email or by post. Please allow 5 additional business days for this request to be processed.

Policy Statement

Contributions and fees charged by ASCT will be consistent with the National CHSP Client Contribution Framework.

Policy Protocols

The National Client Contribution and Governance Body of ASCT both recognise that many clients have a limited capacity to pay for services provided. However, the payment of a fee for service by clients who have the capacity to pay is required.

Contributions and Fees charged for services provided by ASCT are reviewed annually.

ASCT clients will be informed of the service fees structure and encouraged to let the Service Manager know if at any time they are experiencing financial hardship to allow for the review of fees on an individual basis.

Revenue from contributions will be used to enhance and expand the provision of services.