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Public Transport

Use the Transport Info Website HERE to plan your trip or look up timetables. This site contains the information for all trains, ferries and buses, regular bus services operated by private providers. You can also ring 131 500 to get over the phone assistance planning a trip on public transport.

If you require a wheelchair accessible bus or are unable to board a bus with steps, tick the box for wheelchair accessible services when planning your trip to only see trips with accessible vehicles. When looking at timetables, some trips are guaranteed to be accessible and are indicated by a wheelchair icon at the top of the timetable.

As of 2012, 75 percent of State Transit buses and 70 percent the privately operated buses in the Sydney Metro area were accessible. This means that even if a service is not guaranteed to be accessible, there is still a reasonable chance that the service may be conducted using an accessible bus.

Taxi Services

A list of taxi companies in NSW is available online at the Transport for NSW website HERE

Some taxis are wheelchair accessible. As part of a program to increase the response speeds for requests for accessible taxis, Transport for NSW provides a subsidy to taxi drivers whenever they transport a person who uses a wheelchair. If you use a wheelchair or need an accessible taxi, please let the taxi company know when booking a taxi.

Transport for NSW offers half price taxi transport for people with certain disabilities. Information about this scheme is available on the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme webpage.